Zieg Feld


Zieg Feld is the father of Dart Feld. He was one of the heroes of the Dragon Campaign, the Red-Eyed Dragoon. He fell in love with Rose, and they were engaged before the end of the war. He fought Melbu Frahma, and during the battle, as he killed Melbu, Melbu cast a spell on him and turned him to stone. At the same time, he placed his spirit into Zieg's Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit.

Eleven thousand years later, the spell of paralysis on Zieg began to fade, and he awoke. He found his way to the village called Neet and established himself there, where he fell in love again, this time with a woman named Claire. They got married and together had the child Dart.

When Dart was five years old, the Black Monster attacked their town. Zieg stayed to fight because he knew he held the power of the Dragoon. However, when he tried to transform, the spirit of Melbu Frahma came out with the Dragoon power. He took over Zieg's body, and kept it until Dart and the party came to the Moon to stop him.

The party meets Zieg in Vellweb. They discover that Emperor Diaz was just a disguise and that Zieg is the real identity. Here he explains his plans to release the God of Destruction and destroy the world by destroying the Signet Spheres scattered across Endiness. The party follows him and tries to stop his schemes in three different cities, but fails. They then travel to the Moon That Never Sets to confront the monster directly, where it is revealed that Zieg is really being manipulated by Melbu Frahma. Then in the aftermath of the battle with Melbu, Rose and Zieg sacrifice themselves so that the rest of the party can escape and the God of Destruction can be destroyed.

[edit] Strategy

Zieg Feld
Hit Points: 12,000
Element: Fire

Zieg is encountered inside the core of the Moon That Never Sets. Having just stolen Dart's Dragoon Spirit, he now has the power of the Red-Eyed Dragoon and uses it against us. A Special is then out of the question, and you must make do with your other two Dragoons. Using Meru's Dragoon magic or other Water-based Attack Items can be helpful, as well as the Psychedelic Bomb. Zieg's stats are the same as Dart's, so use your knowledge of them to aid you. Use defensive techniques whenever necessary, such as Rose Storm, Gates of Heaven, or Rainbow Breath; and be sure to use Healing Items when you need them. Eventually you will have him defeated and Dart will complete his finishing move.

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