Law City Zenebatos lies in the northern section of Gloriano. It is the center of government in the ancient Wingly civilization.

[edit] Story

The party arrives in hopes to protect the Signet Sphere, but are blocked because only Winglies can enter. Since Meru's charm is not enough, the party must revise the law to enter. After a tedious process of legislation, law-making, and law-launching, the law is revised. The party enters the Signet Sphere, only to find it guarded by creatures being manipulated by Lloyd. After the battle, it appears that Zieg has delayed the party just enough to destroy the second Signet Sphere. He then shows his true self and attacks Dart to hold him off. Without a real fight, he flies off. Rose says that whoever he is, he is not Zieg.

The party must then go and revise another law concerning the teleport to Death City Mayfil to continue their quest.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Death Purger 500 Dark
Guillotine 400 Dark
Harpy 600 Wind
Professor 800 Wind
Sky Chase 650 Wind
Boss: Kubila 3200 Dark
Boss: Vector 4000 Dark
Boss: Selebus 3000 Dark
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