Wounded Virage

Wounded Virage
Wounded Virage
HP Element
360-383 (Head) 230-240 (body) 44-56 (arm) Non-Elemental
Location EXP
Volcano Villude 600
Gold ATK
100 18 (head & body); 16(arm)
80(head); 100(body & arm) 20(head); 11(body & arm)
MDF Speed
120(head); 100(body & arm) 50
Items Dropped
Healing Potion (2)

The Wounded Virage is one of the four Virage encountered in the game. It is one of the two bosses encountered in the Volcano Villude. After Shana is "called" to it, it awakens and attacks.

[edit] Strategy

The Wounded Virage is not a powerful boss. It will use a variety of poop attacks from different body parts. It can pull itself forward with its arm and hit an party member with the same arm. It will also use a Mind Wave that releases energy from its eye and can cause random status effects. It can also use a Laser Beam shot through its eye and shoot at the party members.

It has three parts: the Head, Body, and Arm. It is only necessary to attack the head as after it is defeated, the battle will end. Attacking the other body parts are only useful for mastering additions and gaining SP as they will recover after a few turns.

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