Wingly Forest


The Wingly Forest, located in Mille Seseau, is the one of the last known location of Winglies after being defeated by humans in the Dragon Campaign.

[edit] Story

Dart and the party have been trying to locate the Dragon Block Staff, and it has lead them to the Wingly Forest. However, due to an illusion, they have no way of knowing where it's currently located. Once they get to their destination, Meru reveals to the party that she is a Wingly and opens the doorway to enter the city.

At first, the party is met by opposition, but one of the Winglies goes to tell The Ancestor, an incredibly ancient Wingly who leads the rest. He allows them entry. They party make their way through the town. They meet Meru's parents and her fiancé, Guaraha. Eventually, they find themselves being attacked by a Bardel Brother, who thinks that humans are incapable of dealing with a Divine Dragon. When he attacks them, Dart instantaneously transforms into a Dragoon and reflects the attack, stunning the Elder Bardel. They continue on to meet with The Ancestor.

When they reach him, he heals them and tells them where to find the Dragon Block Staff: the Forbidden Land. He teleports them there.

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 2 Stardust located in the Wingly Forest and they are located:

  • On Guaraha's bookshelf.
  • On the right of the doorway leading to the encounter with Elder Bardel.
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