Volcano Villude

Volcano Villude Entrance

Volcano Villude is the second area that is encountered after passing through Hoax to Lohan. It's a big volcano, in which lies the Firebird and a dormant Virage.

[edit] Story

After the party first walks into the foothills of the volcano, the Firebird appears and chases them off into the magma cavern. As they make their way through the volcano, they come to a room filled with lava, and Shana begins to hear a voice in her head. She runs into the other room, where there is a statue of what Rose says to be a Virage. It comes to life, and the party fights the Wounded Virage. After they kill it, they continue on their path, but Shana seems a bit disconcerted. After they leave the cavern, they find a man named Dabas, who is hanging off a ledge over the hot lava. Dart and Shana save him, and in return he gives them a rare item. He says if they ever need anything, they can go to his shop in Lohan. They keep going and come across the Firebird, and then fight it. finally, they exit the volcano and head toward Lohan.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Fire Spirit 21-26 Fire
Salamander 23-29 Fire
Redhot 30-32 Fire
Magma Fish 23-27 Fire
Boss: Wounded Virage (head) 360-383 Non-Elemental
Boss: Wounded Virage (body) 230-240 Non-Elemental
Boss: Wounded Virage (arm) 44-56 Non-Elemental
Boss: Fire Bird 613-640 Fire
Boss: Volcano Ball 50 Fire
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