Vellweb is the place where the Dragoon warriors of the Dragon Campaign stayed when they weren't fighting. It contains seven towers, one for each Dragoon, and at the bottom, the room for Emperor Diaz. Lloyd says that this is where the party must go to get Shana back.

[edit] Story

The party follows the path until Shirley appears to tell them that the souls of the Dragoons that died in the Dragon Campaign are still wandering the towers and asks us to set them free. Afterwards, the party continues to Emperor Diaz. Here all secrets are revealed: "Emperor Diaz" is really Dart's dad, Zieg Feld, Rose is the Black Monster, and Shana is Moon Child. The third disc ends here.

When the party returns in the fourth disc, the four Dragoons can be fought for experience, gold, and insight into their characters.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Maximum Volt 550 Thunder
Spring Hitter 450 Non-Elemental
Succubus 400 Dark
Terminator 500 Non-Elemental
Witch 400 Light
Boss: Syuveil 10,000 Wind
Boss: Damia 9500 Water
Boss: Belzac 16,000 Earth
Boss: Kanzas 12,000 Thunder
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