Valley of Corrupted Gravity

The Valley of Corrupted Gravity is the remnants of the great Dragon Campaign between Dragoons and Winglies. The gravity balance has been turned to zero because of this. Many rocks and artifacts are seen floating around the area.

[edit] Story

Dart and the party must enter this area to reach the Home of Gigantos and recover the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit, but must obtain a pass from the royal family in Fletz to be able to enter the area. Many obstacles are in the Valley but the biggest one is a Virage that is faced at the end. Being similar to the previous one; it awakens and Shana's powers come out once more, just as they did when they faced the Urobolus.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Dragonfly 279-300 Thunder
Killer Bird 129-149 Dark
Spider Urchin 99-107 Thunder
Roc 201-213 Wind
Erupting Chick 106-318 Wind
Boss: Valley Virage (arm) 277-395 Non-Elemental
Boss: Valley Virage (body) 800 Non-Elemental
Boss: Valley Virage (head) 1600-1608 Non-Elemental
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