Ulara is the Wingly city that lies in the middle of the Death Frontier. Although surrounded by a desert, the city gets its water from the magic of the Wingly inhabitants.

[edit] Story

The party comes here to discover where Zieg is headed and how to stop him. They meet with a Wingly named Charle Frahma who reveals more about what happened in the Dragon Campaign in regard to her brother Melbu Frahma, a Wingly general in the war. She tells us to first go to the town of Rouge, and we will find our way from there. After saying their farewells, the party leaves in a teleporter to the Home of Gigantos, and eventually find their way to Fletz, and from there sail to Rouge.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 3 Stardust in Ulara and their locations are:

  • In the bed of roses.
  • In the bed of Charle's flowers.
  • In the barrels at the top of the weapon shop.
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