Twin Castle

The Twin Castle is in Fletz. In it lives King Zior and his daughters, princesses Emille and Lisa.


[edit] Story (1st entry)

The party comes here in search of a pass for the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. Fester helped them come in and then led them into the throne room. There the king permits them to have the pass. Before they leave, Princess Lisa asks to see them.

They talk to her, and she tells them the story of how Princess Emille changed so drastically six months ago when she fell off her horse. She asks that when the party goes to the valley, that they would discover the connection between Emille and the Gehrich Gang. The party spends the night there and leaves in the morning.

[edit] Story (2nd entry)

The party returns trying to stop the Coming of Age ceremony. They rush into the castle, only to find it crawling with guards, but not real guards--bandits. They go to see Princess Lisa and tell her that Princess Emille is a fake and the real one is hidden in the castle. They go to search for her and find her hidden in a magic painting in her room. They go to stop the ceremony and find that the Moon Dagger has not yet been passed down.

As they enter the throne room, Emille, Dart, and Albert rush in and stop the ceremony. The fake Emille grabs the dagger and reveals herself to be a Wingly, Lenus. After a battle, she jumps off the balcony and flies away to Illisa Bay. King Zior arranges for the party to follow her on the Queen Fury. They stay the night and leave the next morning.

[edit] Story (3rd entry)

After having chased down Lenus, the party comes back to tell King Zior that they could not recover the Moon Dagger. However, instead of being sad, he throws a party. The party stays there for it. During preparation, Dart and Shana become closer, Albert and Emille flirt more, and Rose laughs again. During the party, Dart and Shana finally realize their love for each other. The second disc ends here.

[edit] Story (4th entry)

The very last time the party sees the Twin Castle is in the fourth disc, when they need to go to Rouge to go the ancient Wingly cities. King Zior built a dock onto the castle, and the Queen Fury waits for them. They board, and head for Rouge.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Location

There are 2 Stardust locations in the Twin Castle and they are located:

  • Front hall statue on right
  • Room at base of right tower

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Boss: Lenus 6000 Water
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