Town of Hoax

Town of Hoax

Hoax is a town that's holding the front lines in Basil. That has transformed it into more of a fort than a town.


[edit] Story

The party enters the Town of Hoax to defend it against the Dragon Feyrbrand. Even though the town itself is quiet and there seems to be no sign of any attacks from the Dragon, Dart and Lavitz stick around to follow the orders they were given. During the night, the town is surprised by the Sandora Army. After the initial fight, the party is faced against Kongol, who proves to be a powerful adversary. During the battle, Rose shows up and awakens Dart's Dragoon Spirit, which allows him to successfully defeat the last of the Gigantos.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Location

There are a total of 2 Stardust in Hoax and they can be located:

  • Conference room, bottom left
  • Upper-left house, fireplace

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Sandora Soldier 42-48 Fire
Boss: Sandora Elite 271-288 Dark
This guy mainly uses heavy chain attacks and his boomerangs. They are not very powerful. Sometimes he casts spells which cause more damage. His most annoying attack comes when you wipe out half of his HP. He turns himself into three forms, and it sometimes takes a while to find out which is the real one.
Boss: Kongol 220-233 Earth
In the first part of the battle, he uses his heavy axe. Attack him with your Additions. But Kongol's hits are not light. Frequently guard with your precise dexterity. After you weaken him, he throws away his axe and attacks with his bare hands. Don't be happy- he is more dangerous now. You must finish your additions. If you don't complete the additions, he will throw you when you fail, and that's a SERIOUS problem when your HP is low. Sometimes he will play with you by grabbing Dart and Lavitz, striking them together and throwing you both backwards like you're his toys. This attack is his most damaging. Always keep your HP more than half is the best solution. Be really careful with this boss !
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