Soul Eater

Soul Eater
User Dart
Price Free
Attack 75
Effect HP decays every turn
Win/Buy Polter Armor, Mayfil
The Soul Eater is the strongest weapon for Dart. It is one of the first strongest tier weapons that can be obtained in the game though it has a sideeffect of draining 10% of HP every turn. It can be countered by using a therapy ring, which cancels out the weapon effects. It can be obtained by defeating the optional boss, Polter Armor. When the sword part is defeated, it will drift over to the player that defeated it and trace a glowing red circle. It is a portal to hell that will spring a large demonic claw that knocks the player out. It can also be dropped at random from the enemies in the Death City Mayfil.
The Soul Eater.
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