The Snowfield is a small area covered with snow. It contains the old human Fort Magrad, where the human forces were gathered by Emperor Diaz 11,000 years ago to fight the Dragon Campaign.

[edit] Story

When the party enters this area, Lloyd pulls them into a nearby cave to wait out the ongoing blizzard. While inside, he reveals his purposes for his actions: he was trying to achieve a utopia. Emperor Diaz told him that in order to create this utopia, he must cross the Moon Child with the body of the god, revealed to be the Moon That Never Sets. Rose objects to this statement, but Lloyd rejects it. When Dart asks why Shana was taken away, Lloyd simply reveals that Emperor Diaz will explain all when we reach Vellweb.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Bowling 300 Non-Elemental
Mr. Bone 450 Dark
White Ape 500 Earth
Wildman 800 Thunder
Windy Weasel 350 Wind
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