Signet Sphere

The Signet Sphere is the seal that the ancient Winglies placed over the God of Destruction, in case the Black Monster failed to kill the Moon Child.

There were originally five Signet Spheres, one in each of the five major Wingly cities: the Capital City Kadessa, the Birth City Crystal Palace, the Magical City Aglis, the Law City Zenebatos, and the Death City Mayfil. These five together worked to keep the Moon Child from reaching the Moon That Never Sets. The first was destroyed in the last battle of the Dragon Campaign at Kadessa. The second was destroyed when the Divine Dragon destroyed the mysterious room in the Crystal Palace. The third was destroyed when Zieg possessed the Last Kraken in Aglis. The fourth in Zenebatos, which Zieg destroyed personally. And the fifth finally in Mayfil, the last Signet to keep the Moon aloft. Without these magical structures keeping the Moon from the Moon Child, the Moon fell to the planet to be host to the God of Destruction.

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