Shirley's Shrine

Shirley's Shrine

Shirley's Shrine lies just to the north of the Dragon's Nest. It is filled with traps planted by the bandit named Drake. He protects the "treasure" from anyone trying to take it. It is said that the Dragoni Plant is the treasure, which heals people from Dragon poison.


[edit] Story

On an attempt to save Shana, Dart and the party venture off to Shirley's Shrine. After passing many obstacles and puzzles, the party encounters Drake, a bandit who has been appointed guardian of the shrine. Once the party defeats him they are informed that the Dragoni Plant does not exist and Shirley, the current holder of the White Silver Dragoon Spirit, appears before the party to test them. Once the test is complete the party is given the Dragoon Spirit to save Shana, and the party returns to Lohan.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Puzzle Guide

There are a couple puzzles blocking you from entering the shrine. The first is a combination lock, which can be discovered by going up the stairs by the lock, to the left, and out on the rail car. The numbers are given when the car passes each flap above the rail. The numbers are 3-5-2.

The second puzzle is the statues. If the statues are not facing the correct way, the stairs will turn to a slide at the top, and you will slide down. To discover which way they should face, you must go look at the other statues in the shrine. The gold faces front and the silver faces left.

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Plague Rat 46-61 Earth
Strong Man 72-82 Earth
Gargoyle 94-96 Earth
Living Statue 50-57 Earth
Crystal Golem 150 Earth
Boss: Drake the Bandit 1268-1350 Wind
Boss: Wire 117-128 Non-Elemental
Boss: Bursting Bomb 68-74 Non-Elemental
Boss: Shirley Unknown Light
Boss: Shana Unknown Light
Boss: Albert Unknown Wind
During the Shirley Boss Battles, all you must do is answer the questions. DO NOT ATTACK.
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