HP Element
Unknown Light
Location EXP
Shirley's Shrine 1500
Gold ATK
100 Unknown
80 Unknown
MDF Speed
120 Unknown
Items Dropped
Silver Stone

Shirley is the White Silver Dragoon of the Dragon Campaign. She was the only one of the Dragoons that died to realize her death and transform into a spirit. Her goal was to help the other Dragoons transition into death.

[edit] Story

During the Dragon Campaign, the Golden Dragoon Belzac fell in love with Shirley. In the last battle, he held up a large block to protect Shirley, but got impaled by the Super Virage. When she saw what had happened, she attacked the monster with her last shot.

Shirley took up residence in Shirley's Shrine, where she protected the White Silver Dragoon Spirit until fate had need of it when Dart, Rose, and Lavitz came to take it to heal Shana.

Eventually, the party met her again in Vellweb, where she asked them to free the spirits of the Dragoons that fought in the Dragon Campaign.

[edit] Strategy

When fighting Shirley in Shirley's Shrine, you simply need to answer the questions correctly. Do not attack. She will transform into Shana and King Albert to ask Dart and Lavitz questions. The correct answers are:

  • To protect those we love.
  • To pursue the Black Monster.
  • Of course, get revenge!
  • Shana.
  • That's not like you!
  • Shana needs me!
  • No matter what, I will go.
  • Mother.
  • Nothing but sacrifice.

Answer the questions correctly, and you will win the battle and be gifted with the White Silver Dragoon Spirit.

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