Seles is Shana's hometown. It is also the town in which Dart is currently residing as he takes care of Shana.


[edit] Story

In the beginning of the game, we are introduced to Dart. He meets soldiers of Imperial Sandora, along with a Dragon that feels like crushing him like a bug. He runs and is saved by a passing warrior (named Rose). He then rushes to Seles, his home which was attacked. After helping some villagers, Dart discovers that his childhood friend, Shana, has been taken away to a horrible prison, Hellena Prison. He immediately rushes off to save her.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Location

The first Stardust of the game can be found on one of the tombstones.

[edit] Walkthrough

Upon entering Seles, follow the path to the village, and you will find two Sandora Soldiers harassing a villager. After some discussion, you will have to fight them. After the battle, there is a chest to the right containing a Burn Out, and a save point to the left. Continue to the left to enter the next area.

Here you will find the mayor of the village, and Dart talks to him to learn what happened. Presently, the Commander of the Sandora army appears and starts a fight with you. Defeat him easily, and Dart will state the next destination: Hellena Prison. Go up to the second tombstone from the left to find a Stardust. The man in the middle of the village is Dart's old sword master, and you can speak to him to learn how to fight. Leave the village to the north when you're ready.

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Sandora Soldier 5-6 Fire
Boss: Commander 16-18 Fire
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