Savan - Top Left

Savan is the Wingly that has cared for the Magical City Aglis for the past 11,000 years. He has made himself immortal, and the only way he stayed sane was by observing Rose all that time. He strove to complete two major accomplishments: the Psychedelic Bomb, and Moot. The Psychedelic Bomb would be a powerful weapon to use against fierce enemies, and the Moot would create a complete and impassible seal on the Moon That Never Sets, forever destroying the possibility of the God of Destruction being born. When the party comes to Aglis to protect the Signet Sphere, he gathers their courage for the Psychedelic Bomb and almost starts up Moot. However, before he can, Zieg interferes and ends up destroying the Signet Sphere, Moot, and even Savan himself.

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