Queen Fury


The Queen Fury is the ship that Dart and the party use to get to various locations throughout Tiberoa. Such locations include:

[edit] Story

The main story that occurs on the Queen Fury occurs when the party is traveling to Illisa Bay. It basically reveals more of the inner feelings of each character. Shana thinks more about her feelings for Dart, Dart asks Rose for more information about the Black Monster, Rose thinks more about why she's on this journey, Haschel reviews his past life with Claire, Kongol learns the meaning of friend, Albert learns to be more open to his friends, and Meru is just her usual perky self. Eventually, the Ghost Ship rams into the Queen Fury, damaging the engine.

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 2 Stardust locations on the Queen Fury:

  • Next to the pipe just inside the ship.
  • In the basin in the coal room.
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