Mountain of the Mortal Dragon

The Mountain of Mortal Dragon was the prison for the Divine Dragon before it was awakened by Lloyd and broke loose of its chains.

[edit] Story

Before entering the mountain, the party is informed by the guard that no one has entered or left the mountain.

The party enters the mountain and near the summit begins to hear swords clashing. They come to the realization that someone has to be fighting the Dragon, and they rush to the top of the mountain. Once they reach the top, they encounter Lloyd fighting the Divine Dragon with the Dragon Buster. Once Lloyd realizes that the party has arrived he explains that the Dragon is near death and there's no need for them to cut in. However, the decide to fight anyway.

The party begins to battle the Divine Dragon after using the Dragon Block Staff, in which case Dragoon forms can not be used during this battle without sacrificing their defense and attack, having been reduced by half. After a tough battle the party finally defeats the Dragon. However before the final blow is struck Lloyd appears again and stabs the Divine Dragon in the eye and obtains its Dragoon Spirit. The Dragoon Spirit does not recognize Lloyd as its master but Lloyd is not surprised and takes it to prevent it being used against him.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Mega Sea Dragon 243-256 Fire
Deadly Spider 292-304 Earth
Wyvern 548-555 Wind
Baby Dragon 243-261 Thunder
Beastie Dragon 314-329 Wind
Boss: Divine Dragon 5,000 Non-Elemental
Boss: Divine Dragon Ball 2,000 Non-Elemental
Boss: Divine Dragon Cannon 1,000 Non-Elemental
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