Name Sex
Miranda Female
Race Hair
Human Yellow
Age Height
26 170 cm
Birthplace Element
Deningrad Light

Miranda is the First Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau as well as the ever-loyal shield maiden. Queen Theresa adopted her as a young child along with her beloved "sisters": Luanna, Wink , and Setie. Miranda isn't the most friendly of people and at times her sharp tongue rivals Rose's. Both have rather dominant personalities and their tempers tend to flare up around one another. Despite it all Miranda develops a certain level of respect for the Dark Dragoon by the end of the game.


[edit] Story

Miranda replaces Shana in the third disc of the game. Like Albert's replacement of Lavitz she not only becomes your party's White Silver Dragoon but takes on all of the stats Shana had left with. After the White Silver Dragoon Spirit recognized Miranda as a stronger owner, it transferred its loyalty to her. Shana was left in the castle and Miranda took her place in the party.

[edit] Attributes & Abilities

Miranda's stats are exactly like Shana's. She is very weak physically but her magic makes up for it. As with Shana her magic is primarily used for healing.

[edit] Additions

Miranda's weapon of choice is the bow which prevents her from using Additions like the other characters.

[edit] Dragoon

Miranda as White Silver Dragoon

Miranda's Dragoon form is essentially the same as Shana's.

White Silver Dragoon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Moon Light 10 Single Ally Light 100% Revive & Recovery
2 Star Children 20 All Enemies Light STR 25%
3 Gates of Heaven 30 All Allies Light 100% Revive & Recovery
5 White Silver Dragon 80 All Enemies and Allies Light STR 100% Heals ALL HP

[edit] Acquiring Dragoon Spirit

Miranda acquires the White Silver Dragoon Spirit as soon as she replaces Shana in the party in Deningrad.

[edit] Weapons

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