Name Sex
Meru Female
Race Hair
Wingly Silver
Age Height
16 154 cm
Birthplace Element
Wingly Forest Water

Meru is the short-tempered, spunky persona of the group. She cares greatly for her friends and shows this through her constant attempts to lighten the mood and help out to the best of her ability. Sometimes, however, her mischievous streak takes hold, much to the annoyance of the others; that is with the exception of Haschel, her partner in crime. Though seemingly young and petite she lugs around a hammer that weighs nearly as much, if not more than she does.


[edit] Story

The party meets Meru in Donau the Flower City as she successfully takes on a group of thieves. She later halfway forces the party to let her help them find your way through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity in order to save her friend Lynn from the thieves that reside there and retrieve Dart's Dragoon Spirit.

Later it is revealed that she is a Wingly, a surprise to the whole party, as well as that she is engaged to a Wingly named Guaraha.

[edit] Attributes & Abilities

Meru may be incredibly physically weak but she’s the fastest character in the party as well as a strong magic user. She has a very nice Magic Attack as well as Magic Defense, and her Water-based magic is extremely useful.

[edit] Additions

Meru's Additions are quirky just as she is. They can be fun to complete as well. As her attack is naturally very low, the Dam% of her final Addition is very high.

Name Difficulty Strikes SP Max Damage % Obtained
Double Smack 1 1 34 150% Initial Addition
Hammer Spin 1 3 180 202% Level 21
Cool Boogie 2 4 90 100% Level 26
Cat's Cradle 4 4 20 351% Level 30
Perky Step 4 7 100 600% Master All

[edit] Dragoon


Meru's Dragoon Spirit is the Blue Sea Dragoon. It specializes on water-based attacks. Like Shana's/Miranda's Dragoon form, she has the ability to heal the party with Rainbow Breath.

Blue Sea Dragoon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Freezing Ring 10 Single Enemy Water STR 50%
2 Rainbow Breath 20 All Allies HP Recovery & Cure
3 Diamond Bust 30 All Enemies Water STR 50%
5 Blue Sea Dragon 80 Single Enemy Water STR 100%

[edit] Acquiring Dragoon Spirit

The Blue Sea Dragoon was previously Lenus. After a long battle in the Prison Island, the party defeats Lenus and Regole; shortly after Lenus dies, the Dragoon Spirit chooses Meru has its new master.

[edit] Weapons

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