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Melbu Frahma is a Wingly of the ancient world. He and Magician Faust were the two most major generals in the Dragon Campaign. With the help of his sister, Charle, and other Winglies, he had trapped the soul of the God of Destruction in his Crystal Sphere. From this object, he sapped power of the gods to rule the humans. However, everything changed at the battle of Kadessa.

Melbu fought with Zieg at that last battle. In their battle, Zieg broke the Crystal Sphere, leaving the soul of the god to wander. Zieg stabbed Melbu, at which point, Melbu cast a spell on him, causing him to forever be contained in a paralyzed state. He transferred his consciousness to Zieg's Dragoon Spirit, waiting for the moment it was activated again. After 11,000 years, his spell wore off, and Zieg awoke. Eventually, he settled down with Dart's mother, Claire, until the Black Monster attacked their town of Neet. Zieg tried to activate his Dragoon Spirit to fight back when finally Melbu broke free again and took over Zieg's body. Ever since, he plotted to eventually become the God of Destruction to rule the world as completely as possible.

He took on the ruse of Emperor Diaz for a good while, causing the war in Serdio, the bandit infestation in Tiberoa, and the terror of the Divine Dragon in Mille Seseau through his loyal worker, Lloyd. He eventually steps in himself and captures Shana, the Moon Child, while everyone else is away. When the party come to save her, he acquires the three Divine Moon Objects, giving him enough power to break the seal on the Moon That Never Sets and cross the Moon Child and the Moon, creating the God of Destruction. He reveals that he is "Zieg" and then takes Shana and leaves the party one step behind.

Melbu takes Shana to the Moon after destroying all three Signets, and just before Shana becomes the god, he takes her place, transforming into the God of Destruction. After a fantastic battle, he is defeated by the party, and the world is saved.

[edit] Strategy

Melbu Frahma
Hit Points: 42,000
Element: Non-Elemental

The final battle of the game is fought in the core of The Moon That Never Sets. The battle is incredibly long and can be very difficult. Like all Winglies in this game, Melbu has a high Magic Defense and Magic Attack. For this reason, magically-inclined characters can be helpful. However, their poor attacks can be detrimental to the task, given Melbu's incredibly amount of HP. When using physical characters, equipping them with items such as the Legend Casque or a Spirit Cloak will help immensely. High attacks are helpful in this battle, and make sure you are fully stocked on Healing Items.

The first round of the battle is fairly easy. He attacks with magic, hits you with his tentacles, or summons three Virage to attack you. The last one is the really painful attack. Using a Special might not be a good idea, because at one point he holds up his tentacles and defends against the next attack, when he will attack the character. Heal whenever necessary, and soon he will transform into his next "generation."

As long as you didn't use Dragoons the first round, using a Special can make this round go by quickly. Dart now has the Divine Dragoon Spirit, giving him new magic. All of your most powerful magic will be helpful. In this phase, Melbu can suck up one character and hold them inside him, much like the Windigo's technique. This isn't really detrimental except you can now only use two characters, and when he spits out your character, it can cause heavy damage to him as well as whoever gets hit. Eventually Melbu will "evolve" again.

This next "generation" has no real strategy. Continue with your Dragoons if they are still there, heal whenever necessary, use Attack Items if you wish. Melbu here can change the environment to either daytime or nighttime, which affects his attacks. During the night, he can summon small meteorites to hit the party, and during the day, he can have the sun fall on you, causing considerable damage possibly. His HP should reach half in this stage.

The next stage is the final stage, and he should be at one-fourth health. He develops even more powerful attacks, such as creating a giant whirlwind or summoning a fleet of Winglies to bring a character's HP down to one. His normal physical attack involves creating a holographic image of a character and attacking it, causing damage to the real one. He can create a giant electric being that attacks a character, causing heavy damage. But perhaps the worst thing is that he has the power of the Dragon Block Staff at his disposal, which he will use if Dragoons are used for an extensive period of time. Melbu can also summon two odd creatures, which can take the place of one of your characters. You can use this creature to either attack Melbu or use its "Special," which works as a Healing Rain for the rest of your party. This being the most difficult round, use Healing Items whenever needed, and try to keep up attacking him as much as possible. When you defeat Melbu, Dart will transform into the Divine Dragoon and fire the Divine Dragon Cannon at him.

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