Luanna is the Second Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau. She is kind and loving, and the people love her. When she was a child, she lived in the town of Neet with her mother until that fateful day when the Black Monster attacked. When it came through, Luanna and her mother almost escaped, hiding in an alley. However, the monster found them and killed her mother. In the fire, Luanna lost her sight. In return for her sacrifice, the gods gifted her with the ability to see into people's souls. She can use this power to heal their pain.

The first one of our party to meet Luanna is Rose, who had gone to Neet to visit. She escorts her back to Deningrad, where she meets the rest of the party. They talk, and as Luanna can see that Dart and the rest have a magnificent power, one that goes beyond humans, in them, they tell her that they are Dragoons. After the first sweep by the Divine Dragon, Luanna invites the party in to see Queen Theresa.

Later, Luanna helped the queen by realizing the evil in Lloyd's heart right before he kidnapped her. She could see, even though he was hiding it, the evil intention he carried toward Queen Theresa.

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