Lohan's Main Section of Town

Lohan is the merchant city of Serdio. It lies in the northern section of Imperial Sandora. It is said that the best doctor in Serdio works there.


[edit] Story

When the party enters, Dart is seen carrying Shana in because she is too weak to walk. They take her to a doctor, the best doctor in Serdio, to see if he can help. He says that her mind is poisoned, not her body, and that the only way to save Shana is with the Dragoni Plant, although he does not know where it could be found. The party then seeks out Dabas, the man they saved in Volcano Villude. He tells them that it can be found in Shirley's Shrine. They head off to find it.

Upon returning, they take Shana the Dragoon Spirit they received from Shirley. Although Dart thought he needed to help the Dragoon Spirit, it healed Shana with her own power, and she became the White Silver Dragoon. Afterwards, they take part in the annual tournament to determine the world's strongest, where they first meet Lloyd. Lloyd is unusually fast, and defeats Dart, placing him in second place. Dart then introduces the party to his old friend Haschel, who placed third in the tournament.

Afterwards, a soldier of Basil stumbles into town to tell them that Bale has been attacked and King Albert captured. Lavitz goes ballistic, but with the help of Haschel calms down. The party heads off to Hellena Prison to free him.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 4 Stardust in Lohan and they can be located:

  • Pot near exit
  • Cargo near arena entrance
  • Dabas's shop
  • Book shop, hidden cabinet

[edit] Dragoon Acquisition

The Golden Dragoon Spirit can be purchased in Lohan for 1,000G, making it the only Dragoon Spirit that can be purchased in the entire game. It is bought from the merchant who sold the Water Bottle to hold the Life Water.

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Gorgaga 170 Non-Elemental
Serfius 200 Fire
Danton 270 Earth
Atlow 300 Dark
Lloyd ??? Non-Elemental
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