Name Sex
Lloyd Male
Race Hair
Wingly Silver
Age Height
Unknown Unknown
Birthplace Element
Unknown Non-Elemental

Lloyd is known as the Hooded Man early in the game, but later develops as a somewhat main character. He is very evil at first and seems to hate everything and everyone, working for his own schemes, but is revealed to be not everything we thought at the beginning.

[edit] Story

Lloyd is a silver-haired swordsman of incredible power. He fights against Dart and Haschel in the Lohan arena, and opposes the party for some time. He manipulates the Serdian War in hopes of collecting the Divine Moon Objects. He claims to be under the command of Emperor Diaz, a long-dead hero of the Dragon Campaign.

In Chapter 2, Lloyd goes to Tiberoa in search of the Moon Dagger, which he successfully acquires, and then goes on to capture the Moon Mirror in Mille Seseau in Chapter 3.

[edit] Strategy - First Encounter

Hit Points: ???
Element: Non-Elemental

When first encountered in Lohan's World's Strongest Competition, Lloyd is unbeatable. The only thing you can possibly do is keep attacking him, and eventually he will claim the match.

[edit] Strategy - Second Encounter

Hit Points: 6500
Element: Non-Elemental

Lloyd is encountered again inside Flanvel Tower. This is a very difficult battle. He uses the Dragon Buster in this battle, which means that he can use a Can't Combat move on any Dragoon. For this reason, turning into a Dragoon is not a wise decision unless the character is wearing a Talisman, which counters the Can't Combat. If this is equipped, Lloyd will spend most of his time attempting to kill the Dragoon, and the other two characters are free to attack him without much worry as to their well being. However, he still has some very strong magic attacks. These can cause heavy damage to all players, especially those with low Magic Defense. Lloyd has a high Magic Defense, so Attack Items will not do outstandingly well in this battle. It may be necessary to use quite a few Healing Items to survive the battle. When he is defeated, Dart will perform his finishing move.

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