Limestone Cave

Entrance of Limestone Cave.

This cave is the only thing that separates Seles and Bale. The Limestone Cave has been terrorized by a large snake called the Urobolus for years. It's dark, dank, and filled with monsters.


[edit] Story

The party enters the cave in hopes to make it out without incident. However, as things should happen, they get two incidents to deal with. First, as Dart leads the party across a set of stepping stones, Lavitz almost falls down over a waterfall. But right before he falls, Dart catches him and helps him up. Second, they come across the infamous Urobolus, who feels like disposing of them. They fight it until it appears to be killed. But as they turn around, he rears up again and tries to attack Shana. Just before he hits her, her forehead starts to shine with a strange blue light, and the Urobolus falters and shatters.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Walkthrough

Directly to the right after entering you will find a Detonate Rock. Continue to the next area, where you will find a slide that you can slide down. First, slide down and don't move the analog stick. When you land, there is a chest with 20G. Slide down again, this time moving the analog stick/arrows up before the first fork and down before the next fork, and you will find a Bastard Sword. Continue into the next area.

After the discussion, hop across the stones, stopping for a Total Vanishing on the right and a Body Purifier on the left. When you try to go across the waterfall, you will get a scene, which automatically places you in the next area. Go straight across into a different room with a chest containing 100G. Go back, and the next path to the right gives you Rock Fireflies (after a conversation), an Angel's Prayer, and a Burn Out. Then go down and to the right into the next screen. Continue straight into an area containing a strange creature and a box containing a Spark Net. Then chase the creature around until you touch it, go touch it again, and it will leave another box with a Poison Guard in it. Go back, get a box with a Charm Potion, and continue into an open area.

The chest on the left contains a Body Purifier, and the one on the right contains a Bandana. After saving, go up, and you will be confronted by the Urobolus. After defeating it, go forward and get the chests on the way out, containing a Healing Potion and 20G. Exit the area.

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Evil Spider 31-41 Earth
Ugly Balloon 35-42 Wind
Slime 19-23 Earth
Screaming Bat 11-18 Dark
Orc 23-35 Dark
Boss: Urobolus 272-283 Earth
This boss is not very tough. Sometimes he poisons you, so you need some Body Purifiers. Sometimes he hides in the cave and fights you with his front end only. When he does so, only Shana can attack him because her arrows are the only weapon that can reach him. Have Dart and Lavitz take on the role of supporting Shana and using Attack Items with the boss. Keep this strategy up, until Dart plays the finishing touch.
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