Lidiera is the first town encountered in Illisa Bay. It's small, and the houses are simple shacks.

[edit] Story

After escaping the Ghost Ship, but never making it back to the Queen Fury, Rose and Dart wash off on the coast of Lidiera. Rose finds a cave to stay the night in, and she reviews some of her past while Dart is unconscious. A scene is showed, her memory of the Dragon Campaign. It shows why she refused to let go of Dart's hand when he was hanging off the Queen Fury. She compares "Zieg" and Dart as well. Eventually, she falls asleep. In the morning, a small boy named Pete finds them. He takes them back to his home and doctors them up a bit, and then in return, Dart and Rose promise to take his ill mother to the doctor in Fueno. They leave together.

The party returns after visiting Fueno to find a way to the Prison Island to defeat the sea monster. After speaking to the mayor, they gain access to a cave and a gate that lowers the tide when opened, allowing them to go there.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Locations

There is 1 Stardust in Lidiera and it is located:

  • Descend ladder above big building, in the bookshelf to the right.
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