Name Sex
Lavitz Male
Race Hair
Human Blonde
Age Height
34 170 cm
Birthplace Element
Bale Wind

Lavitz is a noble knight, bound by duty and honor to his country and mother. He is a likeable, friendly man who would sacrifice anything for his friends.


[edit] Story

Lavitz is a knight of Serdio battling with Emperor Doel's army, the Imperial Sandora. After his entire knighthood was wipe out, Lavitz was captured and imprisoned at Hellena Prison. He attempts to escape just as Dart is trying to break Shana out. After a rather coincidental meeting, they join forces and make a daring escape with Shana. Dart and Lavitz soon become close friends, like brothers. They continue to grow closer until King Albert is in danger. Lavitz's protective instincts kick in, and the party goes to Albert's aid. However, disaster strikes, and Lavitz is killed.

Lavitz is seen one more time when the party goes to Mayfil. Lavitz's unrested souls is seen there, and Dart, Albert, and Lavitz all have one last reunion.

[edit] Attributes & Abilities

Lavitz is more competent with physical attacks but has a highly useful defensive magic in his Jade Dragoon form, namely Blossom Storm which halves any damage done to your team for 3 turns. He has a very low Magic Attack and Magic Defense, and isn't worth much in a magic-oriented battle. He also has the second slowest speed stat only surpassing Kongol.

[edit] Additions

Lavitz's Additions are diverse, like Dart's. However, all in all, his attacks are more powerful than Dart's.

Name Difficulty Strikes SP Max Damage % Obtained
Harpoon 1 1 50 150% Initial Addition
Spinning Cane 1 2 35 200% Level 5
Rod Typhoon 4 4 100 202% Level 7
Gust of Wind Dance 5 6 35 350% Level 11
Flower Storm 5 7 202 405% Master All

[edit] Dragoon

Jade Dragoon Form

Lavitz's Dragoon Spirit is the Wind-based Jade Dragoon. Due to Lavitz's low Magic Attack stat, his Dragoon Magic Attacks are usually inferior to his Dragoon Attack and normal Additions, but he has one Dragoon Magic that makes his Dragoon Spirit from falling to ineffectiveness: Rose Storm, one of the most useful if not the most useful Dragoon Magic in the game.

Jade Dragoon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Wind Blaster 10 All Enemies Wind STR 25%
2 Blossom Storm 20 All Allies Reduce Damage 50% for 3 turns
3 Gaspless 30 Single Enemy Wind STR 100%
5 Jade Dragon 80 Single Enemy Wind STR 100%

[edit] Acquiring Dragoon

When the party goes to fight the Dragon in the Dragon's Nest, they find that Feyrbrand is being controlled by the Jade Dragoon, Greham. After the battle, Greham is killed, and Lavitz is chosen as the new owner of the Jade Dragoon Spirit.

[edit] Weapons

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