Last Kraken

The Last Kraken is a powerful monster that was chosen to guard the Signet Sphere in Aglis. It was possessed, however, by the evil Zieg, who then used it to destroy the Signet Sphere instead of protecting it. The party kills it to stop him.

[edit] Strategy

Last Kraken
HP Element
10,000-12,000 Water
Location EXP
Magical City Aglis 12,000
Gold ATK
300 110
140 90
MDF Speed
200 50
Items Dropped
Pretty Hammer

The Last Kraken is a powerful magical creature encountered in the Magical City Aglis. His magic attacks really hurt, and he has the ability to summon creatures called Cleones. They also have a powerful magic attack, but their Physical Defense is very low. A few powerful attacks will defeat them easily. With the main enemy, Dart's Dragoon magic, as well as Fire-based Attack Items, will help immensely here. This battle can be difficult, so watch your health and heal whenever necessary.

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