Name Sex
Kongol Male
Race Hair
Giganto Black
Age Height
37 250 cm
Birthplace Element
Home of Gigantos Earth

Kongol is the only survivor of the Giganto race, the 97th race from Soa's Divine Tree. He had an older brother, Indora, who was the most powerful Giganto, as claimed by Kongol. The rest of his kind was murdered by the human race in fear of their strength and size. Twenty years ago, he was saved by Doel, the "new king" of Serdio. He would become a tough and strong warrior, capable of breaking through enemy lines in battle.


[edit] Story

Kongol is first introduced in the first disc as a recurring boss. He would later become a playable character for the remainder of the game. When Dart, Lavitz, and Shana arrive in Hoax, they end up in an ambush and while defending the town, where they are challenged by Kongol. Later, they fight him again right before Emperor Doel. Finally, in the second disc, just as the party is about to be smashed by a large pillar, Kongol steps in and saves them, thus joining their party because he sees Dart as the higher power.

[edit] Attributes & Abilities

Kongol possess great physical power as he is a Giganto and he wields an axe. He is trained as a warrior and is considered to be an absolute powerhouse for his team. He has poor magical abilities, while his HP, Physical Attack and Defense are the highest of the team. His speed is also extremely slow due to his size. He is great as a powerful vanguard and defender. When he transforms into a Dragoon, his physical potential will increase to his maximum and give his Magical Attack and Defense an increase, though his speed will remain the same. However, more often than not, it is not worth sacrificing his high attack to use magic.

[edit] Additions

Kongol's Additions are generally straight and to the point: kill the enemy. They hit hard and don't give much SP except for the final.

Name Difficulty Strikes SP Max Damage % Obtained
Pursuit 1 1 42 126% Initial Addition
Inferno 2 3 20 200% Level 23
Bone Crusher 4 7 100 300% Master All

[edit] Dragoon

Golden Dragoon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Grant Stream 20 All Enemies Earth STR 25%
3 Meteor Strike 30 All Enemies Earth STR 50%
5 Golden Dragon 80 All Enemies Earth STR 75%

[edit] Acquiring Dragoon Spirit

There are two different ways to obtain the Dragoon Spirit. The first way would be to buy it for 1000G from the man in Lohan that gave you the bottle earlier in the game. This would be a fair price for collecting the Spirit, as the other way to acquire it, is at the end of disc 4 after fighting Indora. After he dies, he gives Kongol his axe, and if not before, the Golden Dragoon Spirit.

[edit] Strategy - First Encounter

Hit Points: 305
Element: Earth

Kongol is first encountered as an enemy is the Town of Hoax. When fighting Kongol, if any Addition is incomplete, he will pick up your character and throw them, causing some heavy damage in some cases. So be sure to complete your Additions. In the first battle, using magical Attack Items can cause some heavy damage due to Kongol's low Magic Defense. In this battle, simply keep attacking him, perfecting your Additions, and occasionally have Dart throw an item if you have one. In the beginning of the battle, Kongol uses his axe to attack, but after losing a certain amount of health, puts it away and "beats you with his hands." Here he gains some very nasty attacks that can cause heavy damage. Simply heal whenever necessary and continue attacking until he is defeated, at which point, Dart will attempt to perform his finishing move but then get knocked back.

[edit] Strategy - Second Encounter

Hit Points: 1025
Element: Earth

The second encounter with Kongol occurs just before the fight with Emperor Doel in the Black Castle. Kongol surprises the party by challenging them outside the throne room with new armor and weapons. Once again, any mistakes on completing Additions will cause him to counterattack, possibly causing heavy damage. Also once again, magic attacks cause heavy damage to Kongol. For this reason, start out the battle with a couple powerful magic attacks from perhaps Rose or Dart. However, after a couple magic attacks, Kongol will put up a Magic Barrier, blocking all magic. From then on, you must rely on physical attacks. He also has some powerful physical attacks in this battle, so watch your characters' HP and heal frequently. This battle can be very difficult. After he is defeated, Kongol gives up and allows passage to Emperor Doel.

[edit] Weapons

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