Kashua Glacier

Kashua Glacier is an icy area which is eternally covered in ice. Miranda used to come here when she was young to remove herself from the world. It is home to the Tower of Flanvel.

[edit] Story

The party comes here in search for Flanvel Tower to retrieve the kidnapped Queen Theresa. As they make their way through the ice, they encounter a creature called Windigo. After they fight it, they continue to Flanvel Tower.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Mammoth 1105-1211 Earth
Freeze Knight 352-403 Water
Icicle Ball 240-255 Water
Rocky Turle 490-505 Earth
Land Skater 343-356 Water
Boss: Windigo 10,000 Water
Boss: Windigo Heart 2-4 Water
Boss: Windigo Snow Cannon 300-500 Water
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