Kanzas is one of the heroes of the Dragon Campaign. He was the Violet Dragoon of the war. His spirit is fought in Vellweb when Shirley requests that the party save the Dragoons' spirits so that they can finish dying. He is located in the second tower on the right after going past the save point in Vellweb.

[edit] Strategy

Hit Points: 12,000
Element: Thunder

Kanzas's stats are in proportion the same as Haschel's. He's fast, hits often, and has high attacks, magic attacks, everything. Watch out for his D-Attack, and be sure to heal whenever the need arises. This battle can be very difficult, and it is perhaps the most difficult of all the bosses in Vellweb. Kanzas has no special weaknesses, in stats or element. Therefore, you're going to have to be careful and strategic in this battle.

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