Kamuy is a wolf that was raised by the little boy named Teo. Something in the Evergreen Forest has been turning the animals savage, and Kamuy is no exception. The party eventually finds him there and heals his savage soul.

[edit] Strategy

HP 3500-4800
Element Non-Elemental
Location Evergreen Forest
EXP 8000
Gold 0
Items Dropped Darkness Stone

Kamuy is encountered in the northern part of the Evergreen Forest. The battle with him is not too difficult, but not a breeze either. His main physical attack consists of him jumping on a character and biting them. He can summon magic discs to attack your party as well. Also, he has the ability to confuse your characters. The strategy is simple: attack hard and heal occasionally. Dragoons help a lot, and Attack Items may help as well.

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