Indels Castle

Entrance to Indels Castle

King Albert resided inside of Indels Castle during his reign. Even though he was still the king of the country, he set out with the party on a quest after the death of Lavitz.

[edit] Story

Upon entering the castle, Dart asks Minister Noish about the Black Monster, but instead he tells him the story of the Dragon Campaign.

Afterwards, Dart asks King Albert if Shana can stay at the castle to keep her safe. She strongly puts this down, and even King Albert agrees that it would not be very safe with the Dragon on the side of Imperial Sandora. Then while Lavitz brings King Albert up to speed on the war, Shana and Dart retreat to the balcony. Presently Lavitz joins them, and they decide to head to Hoax in order to protect it from the Dragon.

The party leaves the castle with the intent of seeing Lavitz's mom before they leave.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are a total of 2 Stardust in Indels Castle and they can be located:

  • Castle 3rd floor, top-left room
  • 1st floor of castle, fire place
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