Home of Gigantos


Home of Gigantos is Kongol's home. It was occupied by the Gehrich Gang who kept invading the city of Donau. The party ends up in the city because the Gang stole the Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit.


[edit] Story

Upon entering, they are greeted by a group of bandits. They fight, and Haschel recognizes the pose from his home town, Rouge. Haschel then punches down the wall in front of them to make way. The party then starts to look for hidden bandits, but Haschel says that his back hurts and he needs to take a rest. Meru stays with him.

Then taking the whole problem into his own hands, Haschel knocks Meru out and apologizes as there is some business that he needs to take care of and runs off. Once the party gets to center of the Gang's hideout, they find Haschel there ready to confront the leader of the gang, Gehrich, who happens to be Haschel's former student. Once the battle finishes, Haschel delivers a near-fatal punch to Gehrich but ends up hitting a support pillar. Right before the pillar falls, Kongol steps in, catches it, and throws it over the edge. He tells the party that because they beat Emperor Doel, he wants to join the party. Not because he failed, but because he sees the party as a stronger entity.

Later in the game, the party comes through this area again to ultimately head to Rouge.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Location

There is 1 Stardust in the Home of Gigantos and it can be located:

  • Candle stick near stair to treasure room

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Piggy 157-163 Earth
Berserker 356-400 Dark
Crafty Thief 198-253 Dark
Mini-Boss: Gangster 292-300 Dark
Boss: Mappi 1136-1263 Dark
Boss: Gehrich 1984-2001 Earth
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