Hellena Prison

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Hellena Prison is a prison located in Serdio. It is known for horrible treatment of its prisoners. Shana and Lavitz were being held as prisoners inside.


[edit] Story (First Entry)

Dart arrives with the full intent of taking Shana back to Seles with him. He sneaks in and begins to search While searching cells for her, he instead finds a soldier of Basil, Lavitz, who is breaking out of prison. They join forces and begin an instant friendship. Eventually they find the key to Shana's cell and break her out. As they are about to escape, the head warden, Fruegel, attacks them. After the battle, they escape on horses, Hellena wardens on their tail.

[edit] Story (Second Entry)

The party returns with a couple more friends to free King Albert from Fruegel's cruelty. While breaking in, they fall into a trap, in which they must fight the gruesome creature, Jiango. However, they make it out and eventually make it to the top of the prison, where King Albert is being held. They fight Fruegel and win. After the battle, the mysterious man in the hood appears and takes a valuable artifact from King Albert's body: the Moon Gem. He is revealed to be Lloyd. In his anger, Lavitz attacks in his Dragoon form, but is no match for Lloyd's new sword. Lloyd escaping, Lavitz dies in Dart's arms, passing on his Dragoon Spirit to King Albert.

[edit] Items Found

First Entry:

Second Entry:

[edit] Walkthrough (First Entry)

Upon entering, as Dart wonders how to sneak in, a wagon passes by. Follow it into the prison, and when prompted, press X. Dart hides himself in the wagon and makes it inside. When he gets out of the wagon, go to the north into the other area to acquire a Burn Out. Approach the merchant, and he calls a guard for you to fight. After the battle, speak to the merchant to buy items. Leave this area and go right up the stairs. Get past the Hellena Warden and continue.

Here, go across the bridge and into the room, where you'll find three guards and three chests, containing a Leather Jacket, an Angel's Prayer, and 50G. Leave the area, take the lift up, and enter the room, continuing to the left. Here you will encounter Lavitz, along with quite a few wardens. Defeat them all, and after some talk, Lavitz joins your party.

After exiting the area, a guard will descend on a lift. Use it, after killing the warden, and here proceed left. In this room, avoid the guards and go up the stairs and across the bridges to find the Key to Shana's Cell on some crates. leave the area and open the previously locked door to the left. Continue to the left, fight the guards, and Dart retrieves Shana. Fight the next set of guards, and Shana joins your party afterwards. After the scene, exit the prison almost entirely until you encounter Fruegel. Fight him, and then your party automatically escapes.

[edit] Walkthrough (Second Entry)

After entering, killing the first guard shows you that King Albert is on the top of the prison. In the room where you first entered the prison the first time you'll find the merchant who will still sell you items. Otherwise, proceed to the previously not taken path to the left. Take the lift up, and at the first stop you can get off and get a whole bunch of items if you take every path. These items are:

After retrieving whichever items, continue up the lift. The chest here contains a Healing Potion. Continue into the next area, where you are ambushed by guards who trick you into falling into a pit. Down here, get the chest containing a Sachet, and then speak to Shana. She speaks of a draft coming from the rock, and when you check it, you will be prompted to press X. Do so, and Dart will confirm the suspicion of a draft, but then you will be attacked by Jiango. Defeating him causes the rock to shift out of the way, at which point you can continue.

Defeat all the guards, grab the Healing Potion as you go, and when you finally get to the ambush spot and defeat the wardens here, go to the left. Continue killing all the wardens until finally you come to an area with a save point. The three chests contain a Broad Sword, a Spear, and 20G. After saving, go north into the next screen, where you will encounter Fruegel for the second time and save Albert.

After defeating Fruegel and the scene that follows, you will be automatically transported to Seles.

[edit] Enemy List

First Entry
Name HP Element
Hellena Warden 11-12 Fire
Senior Warden 24-26 Fire
Boss: Fruegel 100-106 Earth
Second Entry
Hellena Warden 119-121 Fire
Senior Warden 122-128 Fire
Fowl Fighter 75-90 Fire
Boss: Jiango 1236-1280 Earth
Boss: Fruegel 1080-1138 Earth
Boss: Rodriguez 385-430 Wind
Boss: Guftas 513-575 Dark
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