Name Sex
Haschel Male
Race Hair
Human Fading Black
Age Height
70 163 cm
Birthplace Element
Rouge Thunder

Haschel is a talented martial artist with the heart of a kid and a fist of iron. He tends to be somewhat silly and always a flirt.


[edit] Story

Haschel comes from Rouge, a fishing village to the west of Endiness that prides itself on its martial arts heritage. Haschel joins the party at a fighting contest early on in the story. Apparently he knows Dart as they crossed roads during their journeys, Dart's being one of revenge, while Haschel was searching the world for his estranged daughter.

Throughout the story, many hints were placed toward the suspicion that Haschel's daughter, Claire, was also Dart's mother. Although never confirmed, it is accepted that this is true. In short, Haschel is Dart's grandfather.

[edit] Attributes & Abilities

Haschel is well balanced like Dart. He uses a neutral element so he has no outstanding strengths or weaknesses to any particular magic. His Dragoon magic is not phenomenal but his array of punishing Additions makes up for it. He has the highest Magic Defense and Attack of all the men, as well as being the fastest of the party, short of Meru.

[edit] Additions

Haschel has the second-most Additions of any character. Some of them are easy, and some are considered some of the most difficult in the game.

See also Haschel's Additions.

Name Difficult Strikes SP Max Damage % Obtained
Double Hit 1 1 35 200% Initial Addition
Flurry of Styx 3 2 102 150% Level 14
Summon 4 Gods 3 3 100 100% Level 18
Five Ring Shattering 3 4 50 300% Level 22
Hex Hammer 5 6 15 400% Level 27
Omni Sweep 4 7 150 501% Master All

[edit] Dragoon

Haschel as Violet Dragoon

Haschel's Dragoon abilities are somewhat limited, with only single-enemy attack magic. However, his D-Attack is phenomenal, and his most powerful magic attacks can really pack a punch.

Violet Dragoon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Atomic Mind 10 Single Enemy Thunder STR 25%
2 Thunder Kid 20 Single Enemy Thunder STR 65%
3 Thunder God 30 Single Enemy Thunder STR 75%
5 Violet Dragon 80 Single Enemy Thunder STR 100%

[edit] Acquiring Dragoon

When the party seeks out Emperor Doel, they are surprised to discover that he is really the Violet Dragoon. After a fierce battle, Doel is overcome, and after he dies, the Violet Dragoon Spirit passes on to Haschel.

[edit] Weapons

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