Grand Jewel

The Grand Jewel is the guardian of the Dragon Block Staff in the Capital City Kadessa. It's often considered one of the most difficult battles in the entire game, as it uses the Staff to reduce the effects of Dragoons dramatically. It also uses powerful magic attacks. When defeated, the Dragon Block Staff floats down to the party.

[edit] Strategy

Grand Jewel
HP Element
5600-7000 Earth
Location EXP
Royal Capital Kadessa 9000 EXP
Gold ATK
300G 46
100 65
MDF Speed
160 70
Items Dropped
Spectral Flash

Being perhaps the most difficult battle in the game, a good strategy can be very beneficial. First of all, this creature has a habit of decreasing the levels of your players. This reduces their attack and defense dramatically as the battle progresses. For this reason, using characters with a high Physical Attack and high HP is very beneficial. However, these characters have a low Magic Defense, and this enemy uses solely magical attacks. This detriment can be cured by using Accessories of various sorts. If you use characters with high Magic Defense/Attack, that will help immensely in your defense of the Grand Jewel's attacks. On the flip side, these characters tend to have lower Physical Attacks and HP. Also, their high Magic Attacks cannot be used to their fullest potential because of the enemy's own high Magic Defense. In turn, they cannot hold up to as many attacks. Once again, many of these problems can be fixed with various Accessories, if you are willing to sacrifice the slot.

The worst part about the battle is that the Grand Jewel uses the power of the Dragon Block Staff to absorb the power of the Dragoon. This means that if the enemy uses it while you are a Dragoon, your attack and defense as a Dragoon falls dramatically, meaning in this battle you can be defeated with a flick of the finger. He only uses the power of the staff if the Dragoon is released long enough from him to attack. This means it is possible to completely avoid the effect and use your Dragoon attacks throughout the whole battle. In order to do this, it is necessary to enter the battle with your characters not having any more than 199 SP. If it is at 200 or above, as soon as your character is a Dragoon, the next turn the Grand Jewel will use the Dragon Block Staff. This way, your characters can turn into a Dragoon for a turn and then back to human before he can use the staff. This leaves you free to use valuable techniques such as Moon Light, Gates of Heaven, Rose Storm, and Rainbow Breath.

This battle, mostly what you need to do is attack as hard as you can and be sensitive about your HP. If you trained as much as possible before this battle, it won't be quite as difficult. Some Attack Items could be beneficial, but probably only Wind-based ones thrown by a character with a high Magic Attack. Healing Items are a must, as you will probably be using a great many of them, unless you use healing spells. When the Grand Jewel reaches one-fourth health, he will recover 1350 HP. After a really long, really frustrating battle, the Grand Jewel will be defeated, and the Dragon Block Staff will be yours.

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