Fueno is the largest town in Illisa Bay. It has a dock at which ships stop to exchange goods with the people there.

[edit] Story

Rose and Dart reach Fueno to find the Queen Fury docked at the dock and the rest of the party situated in a nearby hotel. Dart finds Shana in the party's room, where they have a moment, pulling them closer together. Once they are reunited with the party, Meru begins to wonder what happened between the two of them. Haschel being such a wise older individual scolds Meru for asking such a question but being the mischievous old man he is, continues to ask Dart and Rose the same question.

Completely unaware of how they can find Lenus and the Moon Dagger, the party searched the city for clues. However, gathered information from the villagers explains that they won't be able to safely sail the seas because of a monster that has been a plague to the Undersea Cavern, and the party decides to set off and try to find out what is going on.

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 2 Stardust in Fueno and they are located:

  • By barrels under the stairs in the inn
  • Healing house, painting
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