HP Element
100-106 / 1080-1138 Earth
Location EXP
Hellena Prison 300 / 20000
Gold ATK
50 / 200 6 / 28
100 4 / 22
MDF Speed
80 50
Items Dropped
Healing Potion x 4 / Gravity Grabber

Fruegel is the warden of Hellena Prison. He is known for not showing compassion to his prisoners and doing anything in his power to keep the prison up and running. The party meets him in two different occasions. The first time when Dart is inside Hellena Prison looking for Shana then later in the game when the party is trying to save King Albert.

[edit] Strategy - First Encounter

In the beginning of the battle, Fruegel himself cannot be hit. First kill the Hellena Wardens. Then Fruegel will call out two Senior Wardens. What's helpful now is to attack the Senior Wardens with Shana while Dart and Lavitz work on Fruegel. When the wardens get into red, have Lavitz and perhaps Dart Guard so that they can better survive the magic. Have Shana heal the party with potions.

[edit] Strategy - Second Encounter

In the second battle with Fruegel, it is helpful but unnecessary to defeat his pets Guftas and Rodriguez first. Then work on Fruegel. He uses a Power Up after he attacked for some damage. Keep attacking and using Dragoon magic. After he is defeated, Lavitz will attack Fruegel.

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