Fort Magrad

Fort Magrad is a human fort created for the rallying of the human forces during the Dragon Campaign. Emperor Diaz was their leader, the man who searched out the seven Dragoons of legend.

[edit] Story

When the party enters, Rose is shown to have a flashback of her days in the Dragon Campaign. Nothing else is revealed, and Rose encourages the rest of the party to leave.

After return during the fourth disc, the party is able to continue down to the memorial. Here a sword comes out of the memorial to attack the party. After the battle, the party continues on outside their journey.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Bowling 300 Non-Elemental
Mr. Bone 450 Dark
White Ape 500 Earth
Wildman 800 Thunder
Windy Weasel 350 Wind
Boss: Polter Armor 3800 Earth
Boss: Polter Sword 2800 Dark
Boss: Polter Helm 2400 Earth
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