Fletz is the capital of Tiberoa and house to the Twin Castle. The people here worship the stars, thus the star shapes all over the city.


[edit] Story (1st entry)

The party comes to Fletz in search of Lloyd. They search around the town but cannot find him. They also come across Princess Emille, the daughter of King Zior. Instead of being the kind, beautiful, sweet princess she's supposed to be, she's mean and bitter and cruel to the people. Albert seems upset by this, but it passes, and the party decides to search elsewhere for Lloyd, in the town called Donau. Before they leave, however, they go to a man named Fester's house. Here he tells them a story of the Black Monster, which intrigues Dart. In the morning, they set off in pursuit of Lloyd.

[edit] Story (2nd entry)

Upon reentering, the party needs to meet with King Zior to get a pass for the Valley of Corrupted Gravity. After a humorous run-in with the palace guard, the party meets up with Fester, who leads them into the castle.

[edit] Story (3rd entry)

In order to keep the Moon Dagger from being acquired by Lloyd, the party rushes into the castle. For more info, see Twin Castle.

[edit] Stardust Location

There are 5 Stardust in Fletz and they are located:

  • Weapon shop, crossbow
  • Gem shop colored gems, bottom left
  • Item shop, upper-middle
  • Box in front of bar
  • On roof of small house south of church, on table
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