Fire Bird

Fire Bird
Fire Bird
HP Element
613-640 (Fire Bird) 50 (Volcano Ball) Fire
Location EXP
Volcano Villude 800
Gold ATK
100 15
80 19
MDF Speed
80(Fire Bird) 100(Volcano Ball) 45
Items Dropped
Red-Eye Stone

The Fire Bird is a legendary creature that lives in Volcano Villude. He doesn't like intruders and tries to attack the party when they enter.

[edit] Strategy

The battle with Fire Bird is not a difficult one. Dart's Dragoon magic is virtually useless, but Rose's can be helpful. Having either Rose or Shana throw a Spear Frost or other Water-based Attack Items can deal a heavy amount of damage to him. Other than that, simply attack him as much you can. Fire Bird's attacks can be painful, especially the magical ones when attacking Lavitz. He can also summon four "Volcano Balls" to attack your party.

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