Evergreen Forest

The Evergreen Forest is the link among Furni, Neet, and Deningrad in Mille Seseau. A generally pleasant area, the forest has become increasingly dangerous; the animals have been becoming more savage. The cause to this is unknown until it is revealed later that they are nervous about the Divine Dragon's awakening.

[edit] Story

The party ventures off to the Evergreen Forest on their way to Deningrad, which is where the next Divine Moon Object is located, in hopes of finding Lloyd. The party encounters Kamuy, a small wolf, who has become a fierce monster because of trying to protect the forest. He is an optional boss, but has good experience and gold. After the battle, either Shana or Miranda heals Kamuy's savage heart with the White Silver Dragoon Spirit.

Just before leaving the forest for the first time, Rose leaves to go on a "errand," and then Meru leaves so she can go see her mom and dad. The party continues to Deningrad without them.

Later, the party comes through here to seek out the Wingly Forest to find the Dragon Block Staff to fight the Divine Dragon. It is then revealed that Meru is a Wingly and the Wingly Forest is her home.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Flying Rat 290-310 Wind
Forest Runner 292-305 Wind
Moss Dresser 342-354 Earth
Dark Elf 443-451 Dark
Wounded Bear 523-552 Earth
Boss: Kamuy 3460-3525 Non-Elemental
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