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Endiness is the world--or more accurately, continent--on which the game takes place. To the east lies Serdio, to the south, Tiberoa, to the north, Mille Seseau, and to the west, Gloriano and the Death Frontier. The party travels all over the continent, searching every corner to discover the secrets it withholds.


[edit] Serdio


Serdio is where the first disc takes place. It is the country farthest east on the continent of Endiness. The north half of Serdio is called Basil, home to Bale and Seles. The south half, Imperial Sandora, contains Kazas, Lohan, and Hellena Prison.

During the course of the first disc, Serdio is at war. The party begins with just Dart, going off on his journey alone. He then finds his best friend Lavitz, his love interest Shana, his closest friend Rose, his past time friend Haschel, and the king of Basil, Albert. Along the way, Lavitz is taken away from them by the evil Lloyd, and they search for the reason and revenge. Each person finds his own Dragoon Spirit throughout the course of their travels. They fight against Imperial Sandora and eventually Emperor Doel himself. When defeated, he reveals the destination of Lloyd: Tiberoa.

[edit] Tiberoa

Tiberoa is the main location of Disc 2. It is in the southern part of Endiness and has a rather warm climate. Its capital is Fletz, home to the Twin Castle. The other cities in this country include Donau, Lidiera, and Fueno. It is ruled by King Zior and his two daughters, Emille and Lisa.

The party first finds themselves in Fletz in the beginning of the second disc, continuing their pursuit for Lloyd. When unable to find him there, they head to Donau, only to find instead that Tiberoa is really infested with bandits, as they found out in The Barrens when Dart's Dragoon Spirit got stolen. They find both extra reason to find the bandits as well as a new companion, Meru. Together they find the bandits and reveal their real plan, which is linked to Lloyd. They track his cohort, Lenus, to the Prison Island, where Lloyd just escapes their grasp again, this time leaving his new destination of Mille Seseau.

[edit] Mille Seseau

All but the last of disc 3 occurs in Mille Seseau. Due to its northern position, this country is very cold. It is ruled by Queen Theresa and the Sacred Sisters. This is the home country of Dart, as he was born in Neet. Its capital, Deningrad, is house to the Crystal Palace as well as the Mille Seseau National Library.

The third disc begins with the arrival of the party at Furni. They make their way to Deningrad and find that the ancient Divine Dragon has awoken. The queen calls them to find what is going on and they are "hired" to take care of it. Before they can leave, Shana becomes ill and is replaced in the party by the First Sacred Sister Miranda. With their new companion, they search for a magical artifact to help with the battle, and find it in the ruins of the Wingly capital Kadessa. Upon return to Deningrad, they find it desolated. They then set out to kill the Dragon, and as chance would have it, Lloyd is trying to tame the monster. With a stunning display of magic, Lloyd is revealed to be a Wingly. He then kidnaps Queen Theresa for the Moon Mirror, waiting for us to come get it back. Miranda then leads the party to Kashua Glacier and then to Flanvel Tower, on the border between Mille Seseau and Gloriano.

[edit] Gloriano

Only the end of disc three takes place in Gloriano. It lies to the west of Mille Seseau.

The party is led to Flanvel Tower, where waits Lloyd with Queen Theresa. When Dart and the party arrive, they have a fight and in the end, Dart spares his life. Lloyd in turn decides to lead them to the mysterious Emperor Diaz, after the party receives the information of Shana's kidnapping. Along the way, Lloyd reveals that in all his madness, he had a method: creating a utopia. He thinks that crossing the Moon Child with the body of the god will achieve this goal. After this, they go to Vellweb, the city in which the Dragoons of old use to live. At its base, all secrets are revealed. Emperor Diaz is really Dart's dad, Zieg, as well as a hero of the Dragon Campaign and Rose's true love from 11,000 years ago; Rose is the Black Monster; and to top it all off, Shana is the Moon Child, the God of Destruction.

[edit] Death Frontier

The fourth disc starts in the Death Frontier but does not stay there. It is a barren wasteland, endless hills of sand. It contains the Wingly city of Ulara.

In the beginning of the fourth disc, Dart and Rose talk and fight out their differences, coming to the conclusion to overcome them. Then the party continues its journey until they find Ulara. Here they are informed by the Wingly Charle all the information they needed, and are sent on their journey with a warm goodbye "party."

[edit] Other Locations

The other locations in this game consist of Aglis, Zenebatos, Mayfil, the Divine Tree, and The Moon That Never Sets.

The party begins by going to the city of Rouge, from which they go to the Magic City Aglis to stop Zieg from releasing the God of Destruction. They fail, however, as they also do in the Law City Zenebatos and the Death City Mayfil. Finally, with all the Signet Spheres gone, they are forced to confront the god itself on the Moon. They fly to the Divine Tree, where the Moon fell, and climb their way up to the Moon. Here they go through many obstacles, including their own past, and finally find the god himself. Here it is revealed that Zieg is really in fact Melbu Frahma, the ancient Wingly general from the Dragon Campaign. Lloyd comes to try to kill him, but fails, and the Divine Dragoon Spirit passes on to Dart. Melbu places himself in Shana's stead, and becomes the god. The party fights him, winning by a hair. Dart and the whole party make it out, save Rose and Zieg, who sacrificed themselves to kill Melbu Frahma and the God of Destruction once and for all so that Dart and the rest could survive.

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