Drake the Bandit

Drake The Bandit
Drake The Bandit
HP Element
1268-1350 Wind
Location EXP
Shirley's Shrine 1500
Gold ATK
100 23
80 20
MDF Speed
80 70
Items Dropped
Bandit's Ring

Drake the Bandit is the keeper and protector of Shirley in her shrine. Determined to keep Shirley safe and keeping everything in order by setting traps around the shrine, he engages the party in battle right before they can meet Shirley.

He has one physical attack, Bandit Knives, which attacks one ally. Drake also has the ability to be able to summon 3 Burst Balls or 1 Wire, which shields him from normal attacks and must be defeated before he can be attacked. Aside from these two attacks, Drake can also use a Healing Potion which heals him 360 HP.

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