Dart in Dragoon Form

Dragoons are legendary creatures that fought in the Dragon Campaign 11,000 years ago. There were seven Dragoon warriors, also known as Dragon Knights. Each had different power, and they worked together to defeat the Winglies. These Dragoons were at first ordinary humans, but by the acquisition of a Dragoon Spirit became powerful beings capable of powerful attacks and stunning magic, powerful enough to fight off even the Winglies. They wore spectacular armor that was almost impenetrable and fearsome weapons that did not waste away. Their wings made them able to fly the skies.


[edit] Story

Meru as the Blue Sea Dragoon

Dragoons are first discovered in this game when Dart and Lavitz go to the town of Hoax. As they fight Kongol, the frightful opponent gains the upper hand, and just before he delivers the final blow to Dart, Rose swoops in wearing the aforesaid armor and wings. She saves Dart by awakening his dormant Dragoon Spirit. He then transforms, bursting with power, and defeats Kongol. Later, Rose tells Dart how to use his newly discovered powers.

Eventually, all the characters of the game receive their respective Dragoon Spirits and become a Dragon Knight.

[edit] Dragoon Attacks

There are two main choices when attacking as a Dragoon. The first is D-Attack, and the second is Dragoon Magic.

Dart performing his D-Attack

A D-Attack is a lot like an Addition, but does a lot more damage and has a slight element advantage. Therefore, when attacking a Water-based opponent, Dart's D-Attack will do more damage than someone else's, and Meru's will do less. All D-Attacks have five chances to press X except for Kongol, who has four, and if all are completed successfully, the attack is declared "PERFECT!" and the attack will be performed. When using Dragoon Specials, the character who initially transformed will automatically complete their D-Attack when it is chosen.

Dragoon Magic is used for either offensive, defensive, or both tactics. The various magics are so varied that there are infinite possibilities. Each character gains a new spell at levels 1, 2, 3, and 5. Kongol, however, only gains one on 1, 3, and 5. Each spell has a different purpose, strength, and utility.

Dart performing Final Burst

Dart's magic:

  • Flameshot
  • Explosion
  • Final Burst
  • Red-Eyed Dragon

Lavitz's/Albert's magic:

  • Wing Blaster
  • Blossom/Rose Storm
  • Gaspless
  • Jade Dragon
Shana performing Gates of Heaven

Shana's/Miranda's magic:

  • Moon Light
  • Star Children
  • Gates of Heaven
  • White Silver Dragon

Rose's magic:

  • Astral Drain
  • Death Dimension
  • Demon's Gate
  • Dark Dragon
Rose performing Death Dimension

Haschel's magic:

  • Atomic Mind
  • Thunder Kid
  • Thunder God
  • Violet Dragon

Meru's magic:

  • Freezing Ring
  • Rainbow Breath
  • Diamond Dust
  • Blue Sea Dragon

Kongol's magic:

  • Grand Stream
  • Meteor Strike
  • Golden Dragon

[edit] Spirit Points (SP)

Leveling up as a Dragoon simply takes SP, or Spirit Points. SP can be gained by completing Additions. Each Addition is either really powerful or gains a lot of SP, so if you are looking to level up your Dragoons, pick those high-SP choices. The more SP you gain, the faster you will level up.

SP also allows you to turn into a Dragoon. There's a bar at the bottom of the screen that fills with SP, and when it reaches 100, you are able to turn into a Dragoon. When you have 100 SP, you will stay a Dragoon for one turn. When you have 200 SP, you will stay for two turns, and so on up to 500. The bar blinks when that character has reached the maximum number of SP available at that level.

[edit] Dragoon Special

The Party Using Haschel's Special

A Dragoon Special can be performed when all characters in a party have their SP bars up to the maximum and flashing. When the Special is chosen, the character who uses it performs his full transformation, even if the setting is on "Short." That character also gains the ability of always perfectly completing his D-Attack as long as the Special is occurring. Also, the background changes to reflect that character's element. The entire party gets turned into Dragoons, and any ailments they may have had disappear.

[edit] Different Dragoons

Damia as the Blue Sea Dragoon

There are seven different Dragoons in the game: the Red-Eyed Dragoon, the Jade Dragoon, the White Silver Dragoon, the Dark Dragoon, the Violet Dragoon, the Blue Sea Dragoon, and the Golden Dragoon.

  • The one Dark Dragoon in the game is Rose. She is of the Dark element.
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