Dragoon Spirit

The Dragoon Spirit is the essence of a Dragon's soul that takes the form of a colored stone. It allows a humanoid creature of its choice to become a Dragoon. The races allowed to become a Dragoon seen in the game include Humans, Winglies, Gigantos, and one half-mermaid. In the game, there are 8 Dragoon Spirits in existence.


[edit] DS Origins

The acquisition of a Dragoon Spirit directly from a Dragon, was only witnessed once in the game. The King of Dragon, the Divine Dragon, was fought by both Lloyd and the party. At the end of the battle, after Dart and his group had defeated the beast, Lloyd delivered the finishing blow directly to the Dragon's eye. After this, the Dragoon Spirit of the Divine Dragon lowered into Lloyd's hands. Although it is much debated, the general consensus is that Lloyd was not recognized as the true wielder of the Dragoon Spirit and that it was waiting for the right time to choose its next wielder. It is therefore unclear as to whom a Dragoon Spirit usually chooses as its wielder as soon as it is released from the Dragon's body.

Because of the events on top of the Mountain of Mortal Dragon, it can be assumed that all Dragoon Spirits came from a Dragon of its element long ago, probably with the same type of circumstances, including the death of the Dragon and the acquisition of the Dragoon Spirit from its body. However, this is only supposed and never confirmed in the game.

It is implied that in the Dragon Campaign, Emperor Diaz gifted the Dragoon Spirits to those whom they chose, creating the first recorded Dragoons. The Dragoons fought bravely in the war, but when they were killed, their Dragoon Spirits were scattered across the world to eagerly await the next time their power was needed.

Once the Spirits could feel their need arising once again, they began to move, transferring among persons to finally come to their ultimate wielders. The Red-Eyed Dragoon Spirit left itself in the hands of young Dart, 18 years before the beginning of the story. The Dark Dragoon Spirit led its wielder, Rose, to encounter Dart and accompany him on his quest. The Jade Dragoon Spirit let itself fall into the hands of Emperor Diaz to be given to Greham, and then transferred to Lavitz when Greham fell, waiting to be given to Albert when Lavitz was killed. The White Silver Dragoon Spirit waited patiently in Shirley's Shrine with the spirit of its initial wielder for Dart to come seeking its healing powers, and when taken to her, chose Shana, knowing she would eventually come in contact with its destined wielder, Miranda. The Violet Dragoon Spirit waited in the company of Emperor Doel for its true holder, Haschel to come retrieve it. The Blue Sea Dragoon Spirit waited in the hands of a Wingly named Lenus for Meru to come retrieve it. The Golden Dragoon Spirit stayed hidden in Lohan until its wielder, Kongol, acquired it there. And the most powerful of all, the Divine Dragoon Spirit, waited the most patiently, even allowing itself to be handled by Lloyd, awaiting the time when Dart would be relieved of his original Spirit so that he could be given the power needed to defeat Melbu Frahma. The Dragoon Spirits worked together to reach the party needed to save the world from annihilation.

[edit] DS in Gameplay

Dragoon Spirits are used for turning into a Dragoon in battle. Once the character has obtained his Dragoon Spirit, he will be able to gain SP, or Spirit Points. After the character has gained 100 SP, an icon will appear on the battle menu, and when chosen, will transform the character into a Dragoon.

Spirit Points (SP) can be obtained one of three ways: completing Additions, equipping certain Accessories, or using a Spirit Potion. The Addition determines how much SP that character will get. When a character is afflicted by Dispiriting, they won't be able to gain Spirit Points until a Mind Purifier is used, or they go to a clinic.

At the bottom of the screen is a bar that fills with SP as you gain it, and when it reaches 100, you are able to turn into a Dragoon. When you have 100 SP, you will stay a Dragoon for one turn. When you have 200 SP, you will stay for two turns, and so on up to five turns at 500. The bar blinks when that character has reached the maximum number of SP available at that level. After gaining a certain amount of SP, your character will level up to the next Dragoon level. As you level up, the maximum number of SP increases by 100, and the character gains a new piece of magic. For more information, see here.

[edit] List of DS

[edit] Dragoon Elements and Colors

  • Red-Eyed Dragoon: Fire, Red. Opposed to Water
  • Jade Dragoon: Wind, Green. Opposed to Earth
  • White-Silver Dragoon: Light, White. Opposed to Dark
  • Dark Dragoon: Dark, Ultraviolet fading to Black. Opposed to Light
  • Violet Dragoon: Lightning, Purple. No Opposition
  • Blue-Sea Dragoon: Water, Blue. Opposed to Fire
  • Gold Dragoon: Earth, Golden Brown. Opposed to Wind
  • Divine Dragoon: Non-Elemental, Gray. No Opposition
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