Dragon Campaign

The Dragon Campaign is a devastating war that took place between Humans and Winglies 11,000 years ago. At the forefront of the human army were the Dragoons, humans with the power of Dragons. After the war, they faded into legend.

[edit] Story

A long time ago, the Winglies and humans existed together. But unlike humans, the Winglies had magic power. They began to use this to force the humans into submission. One of their more powerful leaders, Melbu Frahma, was not to be satisfied with just this. He trapped the spirit of the gods in a Crystal Sphere and siphoned their power to use for the Wingly cause. With this extra power, the humans had no hope of ever freeing themselves of the Winglies' oppression. Then, there was a spark of rebellion.

Emperor Diaz arose, bringing humans behind him to begin a rebellion. He convince the humans that the Winglies needed to let the humans live as they wished, without this horrible oppression. At Fort Magrad, he gathered followers.

Then the seven Dragoons arose. The Red-Eyed Dragoon Zieg, the Jade Dragoon Syuveil, the Silver Dragoon Shirley, the Dark Dragoon Rose, the Violet Dragoon Kanzas, the Blue Sea Dragoon Damia, and the Golden Dragoon Belzac. With these Dragoons and their magic power, surely they could defeat the Winglies. But first, the Dragoons each found themselves a Dragon of their element, and named them their Vassal Dragon.

And so the war began. With the Dragoons at the front, the humans succeeded. The Winglies eventually used a different creature to combat the Dragons, the Virage. These creatures helped the Winglies slowly gain more ground.

Finally, the war came down to one battle: the battle of Kadessa. The Dragoons had reached the capital of the Wingly civilization, and they were determined to win the war. Zieg fought the powerful Melbu Frahma and finally destroyed the Crystal Sphere, leaving the gods' spirit to wander about, making a transmigration every 108 years to a different body, the Moon Child.

Without the gods' power, the Winglies began to falter. Zieg stabbed Melbu Frahma, but before he died, he cast a spell of paralysis on Zieg, cursing him to be turned to stone. As the city started to crumble, Dragoons started to as well. Belzac died protecting Shirley, Kanzas while trying to destroy a Super Virage, and the others. Rose tried to go back to Zieg, her fiance, but it was too late. She had to let go to save herself. Rose was the sole survivor of these original seven Dragoons.

The Dragoon Spirits of the others were scattered across the world, hiding themselves until fate had need of them again.

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