Dragon Buster

Dragon Buster
User Rose
Price Free
Attack 100
Effect Effective against Dragons
Win/Buy Moon

The Dragon Buster is the strongest weapon in the whole game. It is first seen under the possession of Lloyd who uses it to kill Lavitz in the first disc, as Lavitz tried to save King Albert. It looks to be a weapon that attaches to the user, as tentacles are seen attached to the user.

[edit] Origin

The Dragon Buster, alongside the Dragon Block Staff, was created to combat against Dragons and Dragoons during the Dragon Campaign. They were created by the Winglies, and Lloyd has obtained the sword. During a flashback, Lloyd is seen in Kadessa with Emperor Diaz three years ago and it is likely that this is when he obtained the Dragon Buster, as it is close to where the Dragon Block Staff is.

When it is used, a glowing mass will appear around the hand and several tentacles come out of the user's wrist and the sword forms. The handle is a shape of a large red dragon's head and the blade is a blade of yellow-orange flame that can be adjusted in length.

[edit] Lloyd and the Sword

When the Dragon Buster is first revealed, Lloyd uses it to kill Lavitz. Rose is the only member of the party that realizes what the weapon is and what it can do, due to the fact that she was around when it was used to seal the Divine Dragon.

During the second time it is seen, Lloyd uses it to take on the Divine Dragon. Even though it is used to kill Dragons, the Dragon Buster is not powerful enough to kill the King of Dragons in one strike.

The Dragon Buster is seen again when the party fights Lloyd, who uses it to kill any Dragoon during the battle by employing a Can't Combat technique.

When Melbu Frahma kills Lloyd on the Moon, the sword is passed on to Rose.

[edit] Rose and the Sword

Rose uses the sword to finish off Melbu Frahma in a final kamikaze charge with Zieg into Melbu's core. The sword would disappear after this, possibly destroying it with Melbu Frahma.

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